A Moment of Serenity

A Moment of Serenity

March 15, 2020

Vocational School Offers Hands-on Education

Arianna Weber, Writer

February 7, 2020

Many students at high schools all over the world including Central have vocational programs for students to enroll in. Vocational School is a type of specialized education that allows students to participate in a more hands on ...

Key Club: How Central Makes A Difference

Aya Abdo, Writer

December 2, 2019

Key Club International, founded in 1925, is a student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through serving others. It is the oldest service program for high school students. At Central Regional High School, the Key Clu...

The New Block Schedule

Alexis Hansson, Writer

November 11, 2019

This year at Central Regional High School, the schedule is different than it was in the past. We now have block scheduling with alternating A and B days. Students will have some of their classes on A day and others on B days w...

“If You Could Summon One Thing Right Now, What Would It Be?”

Sarah Coe, Writer

October 30, 2019

If you could summon one thing right now, what would it be? Take a look at 11 answers from fellow students, and comment what your pick would be.

The Teacher in 230

Justin Malabanan, Writer

June 2, 2019

 If you had Mrs. Wilfrid as a teacher in the past, you may be surprised to find a new teacher in her room. This year, Central Regional High School was fortunate enough to add a passionate and dedicated teacher; Ms. Levin, the new 11t...

Discover Club’s Trip to Washington D.C.

Rebecca Jolius, Writer

May 7, 2019

Over the weekend of the 4th-6th, Mrs. Bell's Discover club went to Washington D.C. for a jam-packed weekend. Leaving at 8:30 in the morning on a Thursday, the trip goers had a long day (the longest day) and a four hour bus ride to g...

Freshman Ryan Tomaino Teaches Tech to Rotator Class

Nicholas Selzer, Writer

May 5, 2019

If you have ever taken a trip to the library here at Central, you may have noticed that in the corner by the coffee shop there is a collection of robotics and other tech-items.  Many of these include a variety of drones, 3D p...

Abigail Brooks: December Senior of the Month

Sarah Donachy, Writer

May 5, 2019

Abigail Brooks was chosen as one of the December Seniors of the Month alongside Scott Truhan. Abby Brooks has made an impressive impact onto the students here at Central Regional for the past three years. As a sophomore, Abby and...