Mrs. Ambrogio: A Tribute to the CRHS 2023 Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Ambrogio: A Tribute to the CRHS 2023 Teacher of the Year

Within the months we have been student aides for Mrs. Ambrogio’s class, we have been able to see for ourselves the effect our teacher has on the students in the autism program. Mrs. A prioritizes her students, as well as taking care of a family, and still manages to fit more in her day to day life.

As variations of emotions flow through the hallways, we always rely on Mrs. A’s positive, and light attitude to bring the mood back up. We’ve  seen her face many stressful situations, and deescalate them within minute.

Besides that, Mrs. Ambrogio has taken part in making a positive difference in many students’ mental health, including ours. Starting from having barely any relationship with her in the beginning, both of us were able to easily open up, and express our feelings, only getting comforting, and uplifting responses back. We can both agree when we say she has made our time at Central Regional the best it could be.

Leaving her soon for graduation will be sad, but going off with the healthy mindset we’ve gained from her, will make it easier to go forward with our futures.

Congratulations Mrs. Ambrogio on receiving Teacher of the Year, we couldn’t ask for a better role model.