Staple Fashion Pieces We Should Expect This Fall/Winter Season

Sophia Caputo, Editor-in-chief

As the air outside becomes slightly crispier each morning, and the leaves begin to lose their green that can only mean one thing; the seasons of fall and winter are brewing. Time is ticking to put the summer wardrobe away, and bring out the leather, polyester or wool. When asking students, here at Central Regional, what their favorite season was more than half answered either fall or winter. So despite being located at the Jersey Shore, there is a hankering for the cooler months. With this unanticipated yearning, let’s discuss what we should expect to see individuals wearing this fall/winter season. 

Why don’t we begin by ripping open the closet door and examining clothing you should keep an eye out for on the racks. As I discussed in one of my previous articles, “What Is Trending This Winter Season,leather has climbed its way back to the top of fashion attraction. However, I honed in on leather pants. Despite leather pants still being beloved, this season it’s leather jackets that have been receiving all the buzz. Especially, if the material is faux leather. Sustaining that stylish warmth given from leather jackets, while preserving animal skins by supporting imitation pieces, has been a contemporary movement. A movement in which several brands, models, stores and agencies are pushing to continue. 

Now, along came turtle necks and baggy, chunky sweaters. In moments when the weather is bipolar, and layering does not seem like the most logical idea, these pieces will come in handy. Throw it with a pair of jeans, a skirt, khakis and even cargo pants; the styling possibilities are endless. Continuing the topic of heavier materials, trench coats and puffers continue to maintain a large influence over the fashion community as well. They can compliment an outfit in an abundance of different ways. The key tip is to buy jackets that are neutral colors. One black jacket can be incorporated into at least ten different outfits, when thought is thoroughly put into it. So don’t confine yourself to believing you need to spend tons of money in order to upgrade your wardrobe. As long as you obtain timeless pieces, you can have the ability to wear something new each day. It’s about putting in the effort and imagination!

With every outfit must come the perfect pair of shoes. For the past few months, there have been two shoes that have caused shopping anarchy. The first being the Boston Clogs by Birkenstock. These clogs gained much influence towards the end of the summer. Influencers were constantly sharing how these were going to be their “staple fall shoe,” throughout social media. Clearly the attraction spread, as even a large percentage of our school population can be seen wearing them. While the clogs are favored by the crispiness of the fall, the question that must be asked is what shoe will brave the frosty winter? Truth be told, cooler seasons would be nothing without boots. Last year, the Mini Uggs were the ultimate sweater weather bootie. This season it’s the mini Ugg boot again, but with a slight difference; they are platformed! The Platform Mini Uggs were receiving weak reviews when they first dropped. But as time passed, and celebrities like Bella Hadid were obsessively wearing them, they gained much popularity. Now, same as the clogs, platform minis have a strong grip on the style lives of many, myself included. Despite each shoe being quite different, they’ve become an omnipresent staple in several individuals’ shoe collections. So much so, that both the clogs and Uggs are still completely sold out online! Since the minimalist style aesthetic is trending, owning these two pairs of shoes will set the precedent for a fashionable, but snug fall/winter season. 

Each of the pieces discussed were chosen based on popularity, research and personal experience. So, you don’t necessarily need to own any of them to successfully carry out a quality wardrobe. The great thing about fashion is that expressing yourself is highly encouraged! Remember, you are meant to wear the clothes, not the other way around; and at the end of the day the finest thing you could ever wear is a cape of confidence. When you are confident in yourself, and own your power you’re gracing yourself with the ability to kick off a new fall/winter trend on your own!