It’s Winter Formal Time

Sophia Caputo, Editor-in-Chief

It’s officially the new year and with that comes the final weeks of the first semester, winter sports coming into full swing and of course the winter formal! Run by both the National Honor Society and Student Congress, winter formal will be held on Saturday, February 4 from six to nine. This new year has already been flying by. So, before the day of winter formal rolls around the corner, there are important topics to discuss! 

Last year, the theme for winter formal was Hollywood: Red Carpet. The decorations consisted of stage lights, the Hollywood sign, a red white and gold color scheme, and of course a red carpet. The NHS and Student Congress members completely transformed the gym, making you feel as if you were walking the streets of California! The theme for this year’s formal is, drumroll please, Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern lights! As a member of NHS and the Student Congress Publicist, I can share some information on what the Northern Lights decorations will consist of. The color scheme will consist of green, blue, and magenta. As well as a recreation of the northern lights, using artificial lights and large curtains draped across the bleachers. Despite only having one official meeting about the dance, the club’s visions are clear and the gym will be completely transformed into what will feel like a dream! 

The only way to see the swirling rivers of light be brought to New Jersey is by coming to the Winter Formal. So be sure to head over to Mrs. Mazucca’s (room 231), or Miss Hobaugh’s office and grab a form. Once you get the form be sure to have it signed by a guardian, your grade’s vice principal, and then pay the $25 fee. When all of that is complete prepare yourself for a majestic night of dancing across the sky. Trust me, you will want to attend this year’s dance! One of the world’s most illustrious natural wonders being brought right to the school. The annual NHS/Student Congress Winter Formal. You don’t want to miss this!