What Is Trending This Winter Season

Sophia Caputo, Editor-in-Chief


Summer is a wonderful season. Hot temperatures, long beach days, cute clothes, but sometimes I feel we give summer a bit too much attention. For living in a four season state, we sure do neglect the other seasons often: especially winter. Understandingly, in the winter, temperatures drop and the sun goes down much earlier. But, the winter season contains favorable aspects, nearly as much as summer does. For instance, without winter there would be no cold weather, and without cold weather there would be no reason to bundle up in clothing such as big jackets, winter boots, or cozy sweaters. Because the last time I checked they can’t wear that comfortably in Florida. So in order to bring more appreciation upon the winter, it’s important to know what clothing is trending this season. 

I will start right off the bat with puffer jackets. I consider these a bold, but simple staple. Puffer jackets being a key part in one’s wardrobe used to be quite the scandal, but today I don’t know many who don’t own one. Jackets hold a reputation of being the piece of clothing that hides what is underneath, but puffer jackets have become the thing people want to show off. From Jennifer Lopez, to Kim Kardashian, and Bad Bunny the puffer jacket trend is being passed around the table. The question is will this jacket only remain a trend? In my opinion, no. I believe the puffer jacket is timeless. It will always be sitting in someone’s closet. I mean why not? It’s the perfect winter jacket that can be worn however one pleases. 

Colder weather calls for the need to keep every inch of your body warm, especially your feet. Hence the reason Ugg boots have been all the rage these past few months. Now, I don’t mean the ones that go up to your calves that Paris Hilton religiously wore in the early 2000s. I’m talking about Ugg Minis. This contemporary style is giving the ultimate shoe high, as an abundant amount of individuals can’t get enough of them. Go ahead, see for yourself, and try to buy Ugg Minis right now. I guarantee a majority will be sold out. Personally, I don’t own a pair, but I wish I did. I’m very fond of the Ugg Minis, but my hesitation to buy them is caused by the fear that they will be out of style before we know it. Uggs have been around for as long as I can remember, but they hit a deadzone. For the past five years not as many people were wearing them. Do the Ugg Minis hold the same fate as the calf high Uggs? That I do not know. What I do know is that if I don’t see myself incorporating a pair of shoes into at least thirty outfits, I don’t buy the shoes. That’s how I feel about these Ugg Minis. But by all means don’t allow my choice to stop you. Buy those Uggs or continue to wear them, at the end of the day they’re currently vogue. 

Do you dare to wear leather? I know I do! Leather jackets, boots, skirts, and more. There are so many ways leather can be worn, but I’ll specifically be discussing leather pants. These pants appeared out of the blue like the Ugg Minis. Many big name celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and even Jennifer Aniston have been flaunting the leather pants. I believe they make a huge contribution to the rise in fame of these bottoms. Many tend to neglect leather out of the pure fear of not knowing how to properly style it, but just think of them as black pants that come with a pop. Leather pants are perfect for that cold winter day where you want to style a black bodysuit, but stay warm at the same time. Leather brings the opportunity of turning any winter outfit from bleak to chic!

Cold weather calls for staying true to dark and deep colors all season long, right? Not necessarily! The brisk wind hitting your skin can make you feel as if your best protection is to bundle up in dark colors, as we subconsciously link the winter to darkness. (It makes sense though considering winter days are much shorter than any other season). But this year I’ve noticed people bringing their own light to the darkness. Wearing bold colors has been on the rise. From red, to orange, neon green, and hot pink, I’ve been seeing it all. I love this trend, and I hope it sticks around. Bold colors can help bring that sense of positivity individuals feel they miss out on when temperatures drop, and they make outfits eventful! Whoever said we leave the warmth in September has clearly never adopted a colorful winter wardrobe. So I declare that we drop the age of darkness we needlessly buy from our favorite stores, and begin picking up the articles of clothing that will make even the sun envious. As the Italian Fashion Designer, Donatella Versace once said in the Vogue article, “Here’s How I’m Waving Goodbye to My All-Black Wardrobe This Winter,” “Colors are life. Anywhere you see colors, there’s an intrinsic sense of joy.”

The four main trending pieces of fashion this winter, in my opinion, are taking the world by storm, or could we say blizzard? I favor each of these, as they all have their own uniqueness that makes dressing up to absorb warmth fun! The fashion world is taking winter by the snowflakes, and morphing it into a dark frost with an essence of spark! All in all let’s continue to take these chances, and bring luminosity to a season that for far too long has been labeled as gloomy.