From Hepburn to Hudgens: How a Simple Change in Environment Completely Altered my Style

Sophia Caputo, Editor-in-chief

Pearls, pumps, and a closet full of Prada. My top three essentials for an ideal wardrobe, I would choose to own, at the beginning of this year. I chuckle as I read this statement, due to the fact that my three wardrobe essentials are drastically different come present day. Dainty rings, Birkenstocks, and a closet full of Free People sounds more like it now. But, where did this sudden change come from? In the simplest terms, it wasn’t necessarily by choice. In fact, it was surrounding myself with a new domain of individuals that led to an attraction of a completely opposite aesthetic.

Throughout the entire summer, I had the opportunity of being a live-in-nanny for a family in Cape May. It was a wonderful experience, and I am so grateful I landed the position. The mother of the family is a young, hip, bohemian beach bum who has a remarkable fashion sense. With her acquired taste in style, came loads of clothing. Walking into her closet felt like being in your very own personal mall. (I even had the chance to organize it for her once). As we grew closer, sharing style advice and discussing the latest trends became the main topics of all our conversations. Sharing such passion for fashion led to her searching for clothes she did not want anymore, or never even wore and generously giving them to me. While I adored the classy gleam approach of style, she opened the door to boho chic for me. Her fashion intelligence also came with her many marvelous friends, several of whom happen to work in the fashion industry. They too would lend advice on their favorite stores to shop, where to find the best quality clothing, and I found their preferences clinging to me as much as the sand did. Come August, I found myself utterly captivated by the coastal chic vibe. It then became official that I, who once admired the elegant fashion of Audrey Hepburn, had an entire new wardrobe full of clothes similar to those of Vanessa Hudgen’s bohemian style.

As I write this in September, while sitting upon my silk sheets, officially moved back into my room at home, I can’t help but stop and stare. Pale pink walls, a hand painted Marilyn Monroe portrait, a Breakfast at Tiffany’s painting, and my selected pair of high heels sitting atop my floating shelves. This is who I am, I embody poise and sophistication. I want to dress with grace, and willingly wear a pair of heels at any moment I can. I have indeed enjoyed taking part in the new version of myself, whom I’ve met through the art of my altering fashion sense. But, I suspect in no time I’ll be graciously parading back to my original roots of the Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn inspired classy gleam.