Homecoming- More Than a Dance

Sophia Caputo, Editor

What is Homecoming? Well, if we were asking Google the definition of Homecoming is, “an instance of returning home.” What’s the definition of Homecoming for a high school student? You ask. Well, that’s easy. “A school dance that seems exciting, but unfortunately comes with many nerves.”  Speaking as someone who was never one for school dances, I must admit Homecoming really changed my mind. The idea of attending a school dance, especially for the first time, may seem frightening, but all that pent of fear is only a miniscule wall you can easily break down. 

The truth is high school is a time in life where we care about others opinions far too much, but sometimes it is inevitable. What we must remember though is just because we care about what others think does not mean we’re weak, it only proves we are human. As aforesaid, attending something like Homecoming is all psychological. If you believe the dance will be terrible, and a waste of time, then that’s exactly what it will be. But, if you expect the dance to be fun and full of joy, then guess what… it will be! It’s all about perception and having a positive attitude. 

The theme of Homecoming this year was “Home Sweet Homecoming,” and the gym was decorated with an assortment of candy floaties. This was a great theme considering these past two years have been far from sweet. Every aspect of Homecoming from the decorations, to the food, the music, and everyone’s smiles made it indeed a special night. The essence of Homecoming made me finally feel that we can move forth with our lives, and the new normal isn’t such a bad thing after all. 

Homecoming was a fantastic experience filled with lots of dancing, singing, and being full of laughter and enjoyment. As you arrived you were greeted by Central’s wonderful staff, and within a matter of seconds everybody headed right for the dance floor. The music provided included all genres from 2000s throwbacks, to rap, and even country. No one hesitated to show off their dancing skills and that brought so much life to the dance! This was a night where everyone became friends, and it brought us all together in so many positive ways! Homecoming is meant to be a celebration, not a scary event. Trust me when I say if you’ve never been to this dance, you should really try to go next year. Don’t fret if you missed it though because in February we have our Winter Formal! It is hosted by Student Congress and National Honor Society. Winter Formal is just as magnificent as Homecoming. I suggest everyone should attend that dance because it will be here before you know it.

High School has plentiful superb moments, and I hope every student at Central gets to encounter one if not all!