Fashion at Central

Sophia Caputo, Writer

When we think of the word fashion, most people tend to think of runway shows, models, designers, and wearing pieces worth hundreds of dollars. The problem with that is fashion goes way beyond luxury items, and does not only pertain to wealthy people. Fashion is something everyone has a sense of in their own ways, and it is the best way for people to express themselves. Fashion changes everyday. As society grows, in this great big world, I see we’ve learned to not follow trends anymore, but to start them ourselves. So, in order to see great fashion you do not have to attend Paris Fashion Week. In reality, you could walk the halls of Central Regional for a day because the students(and even the teachers) have some serious fashion game. 

Since our school is located at the Jersey Shore, wearing Roxy, Rip Curl, or anything that screams summer may seem like all the buzz. Truth be told Central has a wide variety of styles and aesthetics. The biggest trend I’ve seen at Central this year has to be the Light Academia aesthetic. Light Academia consists of plaids, corduroy, cashmere, and anything that has a vintage vibe to it. I must say this is a style heavily influenced by social media. During the summer of 2020, was when several people began to be super fond of it. Another style I find to be super popular at Central is the total chic look. This style is mainly dominated by the girls, and they absolutely kill it. This chic look includes dresses, bright colors, stylish shoes, and the perfect jewelry to match. It’s super classy. 

As we all know we’ve been experiencing a pandemic since March of 2020. Due to this pandemic, masks have become a very common way of life. The way we’ve begun to incorporate masks into our fashion is fascinating. Whether they match, or add a pop of color it’s been really interesting to see what everyone has been coming up with. Though I’ve talked about all these types of styles I see in the halls of Central. I won’t forget to mention a very prominent style that appears when the spring season comes around. Which is summer wear. As it begins to get warmer in Jersey, we all gravitate towards shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, skirts, hats, and so much more. Even though I’ve discussed all these other styles and aesthetics, that beach vibe will always be the vogue here. What else can we expect when we live ten minutes, or less from the beach? Overall, the students and staff here are fashionable and have great taste. At Central, everyone is themselves and they’re not afraid to be. All in all that is how it should be. Just like the French fashion designer, Coco Chanel, once said, “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”