Vocational School Offers Hands-on Education

Arianna Weber, Writer

Many students at high schools all over the world including Central have vocational programs for students to enroll in. Vocational School is a type of specialized education that allows students to participate in a more hands on learning environment based on their personal interests or career readiness. I chose to interview Anthony Weber, a freshmen currently attending Vocs for Auto Servicing in Jackson. As a visual, hands-on learner, he finds it much easier to focus and become engaged in his studies while there. The school has a specialized curriculum which not only makes learning more exciting, but more fun as well. Anthony chose to apply to vocs because he wanted to learn about cars firsthand rather than just reading from a textbook. He visualized what he would be doing in the future and decided that he really wanted to see if this could be something he does for the rest of his life. 

Anthony says “Vocational school makes going to school more enjoyable to me because I get to do something I like and it’s cool.” Without Vocs, Anthony and other students like him wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience their preferred trade. He gets to work on things that truly interest him such as engines and changing tires. At vocational school, he is learning the skills he needs to make him successful in the auto service business. In addition, he is also making new friends from all over Ocean County who have similar interests. Anthony describes vocational school as a more fun and relaxing type of school that allows him to focus on things he truly has an interest in and enjoys doing. He also explained to me how getting accepted to vocs made a huge impact on his opinions of school, “Getting into vocs changed my learning experience and made me look forward to going to school everyday.” Vocational schools offer tons of cool programs to suite the interests of all types of students including culinary, construction, welding and more amazing specialties. 

Whether or not students want to attend college, Vocs sets students up by learning these trades so they are ahead of the game by the time they start working or furthering their education. Even though vocational school isn’t for everyone it can make a huge difference in the way some students feel about high school. Not only does it prepare them for the future they want to pursue, it also helps improve their overall high school experience by channeling their interests or preferred learning environment. If vocational school sounds appealing to you, you can apply during your sophomore or junior year. If you are determined and interested enough who knows what kind of positive impact Vocs will have on your education and maybe even your life.