The Homecoming Recap

Sophia Caputo, Editor-in-chief

A notable event that kicks off a school year and what most students believe to be the second most important dance, behind prom of course, is homecoming. Last month, we held our annual Homecoming Dance on October 15. Despite the dance floor being lit up that night, it seems conversation about Homecoming itself hasn’t received much spotlight. So, let’s create some uproar by discussing a recap of the dance! 

For those of you who don’t know, our Central cheerleaders host Homecoming each year. A main task when hosting any school dance is to come up with a theme for it. This year the theme was Luau. The once bleacher surrounded room that’s main purpose is to complete our physical education requirements, had been transformed into what could be described as a sandy seaside resort. Palm trees were hung up, and a beach style backdrop was decorating a wall of the gymnasium, for the purpose of taking pictures. As students entered through the doors, nearly everyone gathered with their friends and dashed to the dancefloor. Dancing all through the night, it eventually came time to announce the Homecoming King and Queen! Our Homecoming King was Chase Gumbrecht, and the crown for queen was fittingly placed atop Parker Miller. 

Though my friends and I remained at the dance nearly the entire time, I couldn’t help but notice how early a majority of the senior class left. Something similar happened at the dance a year prior; most of the juniors and lowerclassmen stayed, but the seniors fled as soon as they could. Maybe that confirms the theory that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, considering this June will be the last time we walk into Central’s doors. With that being said, I got some personal feedback from a number of students who attended Homecoming. Pertaining to the music, “it was not good at all,” and “they played way too much Jersey Club music.” My fellow peers made it clear they just want their suggested songs to be, at least, considered. They think if more music we genuinely enjoyed was played, more kids would want to stay for the entire three hour dance. When asking about the food situation, I was shocked by the responses I collected. “The food was actually really good,” and don’t even get me started on all the rave I was hearing about the penne vodka. Who would’ve thought a simple pasta dish could be the highlight of a teenagers night!? Despite the food feedback being a bit shocking, the music criticism tends to always be the same. 

Homecoming is THE dance that brings all the students together. Considering the exact definition of homecoming is an “instance of returning home,” I guess that makes sense. Sadly, this was the last high school homecoming I’ll ever attend. If I could ever lend an underclassmen one piece of high school advice it would be to enjoy every single second of it. These four years truly do fly by(I understand it’s so cliche to hear, but it holds true). Thankfully, there’s still time left and many more school events to attend! One in particular being Winter Formal, hosted by the Student Congress and National Honor Society. Winter Formal is our next school dance that will be held on Saturday, February 4! High school is the time to be young, wild, and free. Luckily, we attend a school that provides an abundance of opportunities to make the most of our adolescent years. Let’s take advantage of that!