It Started With One Cup, and Became a Collection

Lindsey Camburn, Writer

In October 2018, I started my Starbucks Cup Collection.
I got my first cup after having foot surgery. My mom went into the Toms River Stop & Shop on Route 37, where she had just gotten me a drink after just having surgery. As I stayed in my car with my dad, she came out with a clear Starbuck cup. This cup would soon become a staple to me as every drink I drank was contained in this cup.

My collection would continue in May 2020, in the midst of quarantine, like many of my peers, this time was hard as we were isolated. After being stuck in the house for 3 months, with no hope of normality, I needed to go on an adventure. With little convincing, consider my mom and I were craving a good adventure. I was scrolling on TikTok as there was not much during this time. I saw this pack of 5 color-change cups that was releasing the next day and I instantly knew I needed them. I called all of the Starbucks in the area to see if they had these astounding cups. Starbuck cups are surprisingly very popular and if I wanted this limited edition cup, I would need to be one of the first in line.

The next morning at 3:30 am, my mom and I hopped in the car to drive to the nearest Starbucks that had these cups and it happened to be in Northern Howell. We wanted to be first in line, I read the website and the store said it opened at 5 am. When we arrived, it was as dark as midnight. I looked at the website once again and it said that it was opening at 6 am, rather I looked at a Starbucks in Reading, PA. To kill an hour, my mom and I napped and jammed out to Carrie Underwood. In no time the drive thru was opened and we jumped in line.

I got a Strawberry Acía Refresher with lemonade and light ice, with no berries, if anyone was curious for my usual order. I bought the cups and was on my way home, with my new prized possession and a lasting memory.
I would gain smaller additions, like their yearly free hot cups, along with a mug with staples of New Jersey like Atlantic City, the Turnpike, and more. I got single color changing cups and my friend, Leila Cavanaugh, even made me a specialized starbucks cup with a planet composed of hearts. If you are in any classes or just pass me in the hall you see me carrying around my Yellow and Blue Ombre Starbucks cup, and this became a staple to me. If I used another water bottle, people would act as if the world was ending. My aunt got me a Starbucks cup in the Honolulu Airport, when she went to Hawaii. I got it for Christmas and when I returned to school after being quarantined during the start of the New Year. The first thing my classmates noticed was not me returning, rather that I was using my new cup and not my iconic Blue and Yellow one.

People have interesting collections that were newly created or have been continued since the person was little. I decided to ask some of my classmates and teachers what they collect:

Lindsey: What do you collect?
Ryan: Deck of Cards
Lindsey: What made you start your collection?
Ryan: My grandparents would always give me this gift when they went on vacation.
Lindsey: Aw! Are you continuing to collect?
Ryan: Currently, I guess yeah.

Lindsey: What do you collect?
Morgan: I collect crystals.
Lindsey: What made you start your collection?
Morgan: Because I saw them in the store and I liked them because I am attracted to shiny things.
Lindsey: That sounds like you. Are you continuing to collect?
Morgan: Yes.

Lindsey: Hey, Parker, do you have a collection?
Parker: Yes.
Lindsey: What do you collect?
Parker: I collect Vintage Records.
Lindsey: Cool, what made you start your collection?
Parker: I like vintage things.
Lindsey: Are you continuing to collect?
Parker: Yes, cause I like vintage stuff.

Lindsey: Hey. Ms. Williams, do you mind me asking if you collect anything?
Ms. Williams: Like a collection.
Lindsey: Yeah.
Ms. Williams: I have a collection.
Lindsey: What do you collect?
Ms. Williams: Coins
Lindsey: What made you start your collection?
Ms. Williams: I inherited my dad’s coin collection.
Lindsey: Cool. Are you continuing to collect?
Ms. Williams: Yes.

Each collection of a person reflects a part of them. What a person accumulates presents the past or the personality. People often associate what you collect with your person, like my classmates associating me with my one cup. Collections tell more of a story then what appears at first glance.