Student Congress has lots of plans for this year

Lexi Sierfeld, Writer

Central Regional High School’s Student Congress is an after-school club that provides the school with many special events, as well as offering leadership for the student body. They are excited to be getting back into their original way of doing things- being heavily involved in school and the community- after they have been restricted for over a year. The club just finished up many fun projects which included making pumpkins for the children at Ocean Gate Elementary School, hosting Respect Week, and the most notable one- their annual Halloween Costume Contest. 

On Friday, October 30th, students wore their best costumes to school in honor of Halloween. Invitations to the Halloween Costume Contest were handed out throughout the school day, which would be taking place during 4th period. Students who got invited were organized into different categories such as best pair, scariest, best large group, best small group, most creative, and cutest. Student Congress members served several different jobs during the Halloween Costume Contest which included being bouncers at the door, signing people into their categories, announcing each category, and directing each category when to go up on stage. Each group of students in the categories walked up on stage while the judges, teachers at Central, decided who would be the winner and receive a gift card. Some of the most notable costumes at the Halloween costume contest were the group of bananas and gorilla, pitbull, and the Karen costume. Students had a blast at the costume contest and it was a fun day for the whole school as everyone got to see each other dressed up in unique costumes. The contest turned out to be a huge success for students and the Student Congress club this year. 

Student Congress also has many upcoming events planned such as spirit week and the spirit rally. They are in charge of choosing what the dress-up days will be and organizing the entire spirit rally for all of the grades. If you are unfamiliar with the spirit rally, it is where all four grades dress up in their classes’ colors to see who the best class is. There is a points system to decide who is the best, weighing in on your performance at the actual rally, the participation of your grade during spirit week, sportsmanship, your class banner, and more. It is a very memorable time for all of the students at the high school and is a great start to Thanksgiving break. After being unable to host the spirit rally last year, president of the club, Katelyn Stanzione says “I can’t wait for the spirit rally this year. We were, unfortunately, unable to have it last year due to COVID, so this has been a long-awaited event for the entire school.” She then went on to mention that they have many fun and exciting games planned for the spirit rally such as human hungry hippos, relay races, and more. It is going to be interesting to see which grade ends up taking the title this year in the 2021 Spirit Rally Competition.

In closing, Student Congress has been heavily involved in the school this year and I am excited to see what else they have in store for the school and community!