The 2021 Spirit Rally to Cap a Week of Fun for All

Emma Bickford, Writer

As some of the students at Central Regional may know, our annual pep rally is approaching. As of right now, it is planned to take place on November 24, right before we go on Thanksgiving break. The week prior is spirit week, where themes will be announced and if you come to school following it, your class will get a point. Some themes that I remember in the past are sports jerseys, tie-dye, throwback, and of course, class color. On the last day, it is the day where everyone wears their class color- for seniors it is white, juniors wear black, sophomores in blue, and freshmen in red.

During the pep rally, there will be various games, activities, and contests that can help your graduating class get additional points. At the end of the event, points will be tallied up and as excitement builds, they will announce the winners starting in order, going from fourth to first. Our Student Congress club, which is run by Mrs. Goldstein and Mrs. Wilfrid, has been brainstorming ideas to make this whole event enjoyable for each and every student and staff member at Central Regional High School.

As the ‘publisher’ of the Student Congress, Leeanna Romero says, “In order to make the pep rally as enjoyable as possible, we are taking into consideration all of the people in our school while also implementing creative, fun, innovative themes, and games for all.” 

This event is meant to be inclusive to all including staff and students, so the entire club including officers, administrators, and members, have been working extremely hard pondering different ideas that students at CRHS will feel comfortable and content with. Leanna Romero says, “For example, we will be involving JROTC in a friendly drill competition, along with a few games that even include staff members. We as a club want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with the themes and ideas we each bring to the table. We’re hoping to have a week full of bliss for all!” 

At Central Regional, the students take spirit week very seriously and it’s always fun to see everyone dressing up. The underclassmen, unfortunately, who were unable to have a pep rally last year,  have never had this experience. As advice to you, do not take this event lightly, give it your all, and make the competition tough. Have fun and enjoy your four years while you can because you will never be able to get it back. As a junior and member of the Student Congress, Evie Rauscher states, “being involved helps to create opportunities to connect with your peers and allows for a pleasurable environment.”