Life In the Midst of a Pandemic

Camille Legaspi, Writer

Almost one year ago, everyone’s life had changed.  The Covid-19 outbreak has taken more than one million lives globally.  Parents as well as students are now doing almost everything virtually, from work to parties to doctor appointments, all in the comfort of our own homes—except it is anything but comfortable.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I can say that it has been very worrisome and confining.  Throughout my years of school, I was always excited to hear the last bell of the day because it was signaling that the day was finally over.  When the pandemic hit and I had to do everything online, all I wanted was to walk inside the breezeway and hear that class bell ring one more time.

Now that we’re partially back, it still has a bit of awkwardness.  I’m only going to school two to three times a week and it’s only for four hours instead of six.  In my last period, there are only two students and our teacher.  Before sitting down for class, we have to sanitize our hands and, in some classes, our desks and keyboards.

Normally, the hallways would be roaring with laughter and you could hear whispers of multiple different conversations.  Now, it’s so quiet that you can actually hear someone click-clacking their thumbs away.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being back in school.  I’m excited to see different faces instead of the five I have to stare at when I’m home.  Although being back reminds me that all our lives have been turned upside down, it’s also a reminder of the loss people around the world have experienced.  Not only that, but they have also lost their jobs and are on the cusp of losing their homes.  All thanks to this invisible monster called Covid.