Girls’ Tennis Team Has Best Season in Its History

Rebecca Jolius, Editor

With a pandemic and a slew of opponents to overcome, the Girls Tennis team perservered and ended with their most successful season in Central history.

New records were set as the Varsity Girls Tennis team won the A-South title two seasons in a row and a 13-1 record with a perfect streak against their Ocean County opponents.

Bethany Suerez became the first athlete in the program’s history to have 50 career wins but Hannah Costa and Brittany Gable soon followed as Brittany became the only 1st singles player to do so.

The JV team had a very successful and nearly undefeated season as well.

The program will be losing many graduating seniors this year:  Brittany Gable, Kaitlyn Murphy, Mya Schmidhauser, Cassidy Krill, Bethany Suerez, Hannah Costa, Emily Englehardt, Victoria Mezera, Amanda Eggen, Rebecca Jolius, and Adriana Rotella.

This season also saw the JV program nearly triple from when it first started four years ago making it an emotional season for the coaches, especially during such trying times.