Girls’ Tennis Team: 2019 Season

Marissa Sciallo, Writer

Is your nickname “cream cheese”? Because chances are you’re about to get bageled by the Central Regional Girls’ Tennis Team.  As a team consisting of all juniors and one sophomore, the tennis team began their season in the heat of the summer, preparing for what nobody expected to be their successful season at Central in close to a decade.  Just two years ago, all of the players where learning to mesh with each other as sophomores and freshmen on the young varsity team. The team was met with two seasons of learning how to lose graciously and what it takes to be a winner.  Although the game of tennis mainly consists of individual improvements as a singles or doubles team, Coach Leonard assured that the whole team would be equally coached by her. Coach Leonard taught tactics on how to defeat a doubles lineup, and the secret to a victorious singles player, giving the whole team evenly distributed opportunities to outplay all of their opponents.  Because of this, the team terminated the seasons with just one loss and a whopping eighteen wins, crowning themselves the division champions of the A-South Division.  

In the early months of the season, the girls made a name for themselves as a new team to beat when, for the first time since 2013, they placed first as a team in the Annual Ocean County Tournament hosted by Toms River High School North.  Not only did the team place first, but the individual single and doubles team also placed to contribute to the overall team victory. First singles player, Brittany Gable, placed third; Second singles player, Bethany Suarez, placed third; Third singles player, Hannah Costa, placed second along with first doubles, Cassidy Krill and Gianna Desilva. Finishing off the win, second doubles, Marissa Sciallo and Kaitlyn Murphy, placed third.  With this amazing win being a shining star on the team’s record, the girls continued throughout the season with confidence and agility to continue to reign on their champion’s throne, especially against the team’s greatest rival, Toms River High School South. Playing each other early on in the season, the two teams had matching records, only losing once to each other. Luckily, Southern Regional High School managed to pull out a win and break the tie between Central and South, crowning Central as the deserved division champion spot. 

“In this season, there was never a match where we didn’t fight until the end. Coach Leonard battled us through each and every point in easy and intense matches. Tennis this season was truly rewarding for all of us!”  junior Hannah Costa adds.