7-Eleven’s Grand Opening

Nicole Versnel, Writer

The 7-Eleven that recently opened across the street from Central Regional High School has become a favorite of many students.

“The new 7-Eleven is very close to the school, so it is perfect to pick up breakfast or lunch before classes start.” says junior Arianna Weber.

 The construction of the new 7-Eleven has been favored by the community due to its location that is close to the Parkway entrance, making it a convenient spot since it is on a lot of people’s way to work.  Many jobs were created as a result of the new 7-Eleven that has helped the community. It is also convenient for students to get food before sporting events, as athletes need a place to eat to get energy for upcoming events.

Students are prohibited from leaving school to go to the 7-Eleven during the school day, including lunch. Administrators believe that it is a safety hazard for students to be crossing the main road. There is also a traffic concern due to a few car accidents that have happened since the opening.  Drivers need to be more aware in this area, as cars are turning in and out of the 7-Eleven parking lot. 

Some students are indifferent about the new addition.

“It is very clean, but it is small and the selection of actual food is not very big,” said freshman Brooke Weipz.  

The 7-Eleven is relatively new, so it is clean and has newer equipment that makes it look nice. It is a normal-sized location with most of the necessities such as coffee, snacks, and drinks.  Most students attending Central Regional High School believe that the new 7-Eleven is an amazing addition to the community because it is very accessible, while others are opposed to it because it can cause accidents and because they cannot go during their school lunch.