Golden Eagles Football Team’s Upcoming Senior Night

Ryan Lee Bassett, Writer

The Central Regional Golden Eagles football team is approaching the end of their season this Friday on Senior Night where they will be playing against their rival, Southern Regional. Having defeated Marlboro 34-21 in a team effort, the Eagles have the perfect momentum.

Last Saturday, going to half time at 14-14, the Golden Eagles came into the second half swinging as they punched in another touchdown in the third quarter to bring the game into overtime at 21-21. The offense drove the ball in in just two plays, bringing the score to 28-21, and leaving the Golden Eagles winning. Then, as Marlboro attempted to tie us in overtime, Captain Nicholas Sura intercepted the ball with a pick 6 to run 90 yards for a Golden Eagle touchdown, closing out the game 34-21. Landon Richardson (number 22) had 197 rushing yards with 2 touchdowns, Nicholas Sura (number 13) had 43 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns, defensive star Imeer Johnson (number 15) had a defensive touchdown, and Gavin Whelan (number 10) had 98 passing yards. With these key stats and overall teamwork, the Eagles dominated their competition. 

After the game, Head Coach Justin Fumando told the players to enjoy the win, but to get ready to work to prepare for Southern Regional this Friday. Fired up, the Eagles have their sights set on the playoffs, spreading the phrase “win and we’re in” schoolwide. The phrase describes the want and the desire of the team to be victorious this Friday and the coaches are no different; they refuse to lose this game as well. The captains of the team, Peter Rahtjen, Gavin Whelan, Nick Sura and Gunnar Nemeth, said a few things about this week’s big game. 

“I think the game is a great opportunity for us as a team to come together, and prove to ourselves and everyone else that we can win big games, and that we’ll be playing in the postseason.” says Peter Rahtjen. 

“I feel like we have a great chance of winning if we work together as a team and execute on all units.” says Nick Sura.

 “This upcoming game is probably the biggest game in our team’s football career. It’s win or go home, no other option. Our coaches have put us in the best possible position to win the game and it’s up to us to make it happen on the field. I have confidence in my teammates who have been non-stop working for the past 9 months for this very moment. And I know we will come out of that game tomorrow with a win.” says Gavin Whelan.

 “I feel that we can win the game if we play to the best of our ability, and play as the fast and physical team I know we can be. We have to run around the field, have 11 heads on the ball, and be able to move effectively on offense. If we are able to accomplish all of these things, we are going to win the game.” says Gunnar Nemeth. 

The stage is set as the game takes place this Friday on Senior Night. Our Golden Eagles have their heart and soul going into this game, with their eyes on one thing and one thing only: making it to playoffs.