The New Block Schedule

Alexis Hansson, Writer

This year at Central Regional High School, the schedule is different than it was in the past. We now have block scheduling with alternating A and B days. Students will have some of their classes on A day and others on B days with extended class periods everyday. The main difference is that there are three 90 minute block periods that you have every other day rather than having seven 45 minute classes on a daily basis. There are many thoughts going around as to whether the new block is good and/or more beneficial than the old schedule.

Cassidy Krill, an AP Student who plays Tennis and Softball along with being involved in a variety of clubs, decided to share her thoughts on the new block schedule: ¨I like it because it gives me more time to accomplish my homework with my busy schedule, and it lets me do my homework at my convenience.̈ This extra time is something many people enjoy about the schedule because these assignments would be due the next class, not the next day. Many students who are involved in extracurriculars both in and out of school feel that this is beneficial.

Arianna Weber, another AP/Honor Student, says: ̈The new block schedule makes the day go by so much faster.̈ The new block gives the illusion that the days are shorter and go by faster, despite the fact that the classes are now 90 minutes. This is because there are fewer class periods in a day which means that most students only go to four classes each day.

Students with many extracurriculars feel that the new block schedule is great. This is because it allows more time for students to get their homework done if they are busier on certain nights during the week, and they can focus more on the quality of their work rather than just getting it done quickly. Even if a student isn’t involved in a lot of extracurriculars, this new block schedule will give everyone the opportunity to have more time after school to enjoy themselves in addition to having more time to do their homework, work more hours at a job, and socialize with their friends.