Girls’ Cross Country at the Ocean County Championship Meet

Nicole Dowdy, Writer

The girls’ cross country season is soon coming to an end, with the season proving to be one of the best at Central Regional High School. All of the girls have been working exceptionally hard from running everyday for more than 40 minutes at a time to engaging in speed-oriented workouts. Every day of practice counts towards ensuring a good season. Training is essential in any sport, and the girls have realized that their will to practice amounts to their chance of winning.  On October 17, the girls were scheduled to race in the OCP Ocean County Championship meet, an important race that can qualify varsity athletes for the Varsity Championship meet. Upon arrival to the site, there were mixed feelings about the competition as some felt prepared and others felt nervous. 

“Girls, we can do something no girls’ cross country team at our school has done since 2008, but you need to put the time in. Let’s make history!” said Mr. Langer, the coach of the team. Soon, the varsity girls were headed for the start line, and once the gun-shot was heard (signifying that they could begin to run), all the participants from every school in the county thrusted off into the three-mile long course. 

The girls were estimated to have finished the race in approximately 25 minutes. For Central, their average time amounted to 21:55.60, their total time being 1:49:38.00. Emma Burgess finished first for Central, hitting a time under 21 minutes. Jessica Babino, Savannah Quick, and Nicole Dowdy all finished within seconds of each other, each getting a time of about 22:05-22:12. Raina Rinaldi followed up about 30 seconds later and finished under 23 minutes. Emily Danelson and Emily Teague were able to secure a good finish for the team. It was a win for all the girls, for their efforts qualified them for the Varsity Championship Meet. Central achieved a rank of 8 out of the top 16 schools. Through hard work and determination, the cross country team achieved results that have made history for Central. Good job, girls!