“If You Could Summon One Thing Right Now, What Would It Be?”

Sarah Coe, Writer

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This month I went around the school and asked (and annoyed) as many people as possible for their answer to the following question: “If you could summon one thing right now, what would it be?” Here were their responses:


Grady Safeer, Junior

“A cup of coffee.”


Arianna Marshall, Sophomore

“Food, ’cause I’m really hungry (laughs).”


Hannah MolitorJunior

“(whispers) Bill Hader (laughs).”


Cassidy KrillJunior

“Probably a bed to sleep in.”


Cassidi MartinJunior

“Like anything? (pause) Disney.”

“The entire company?” (me)

“The entire company.”


Gianna Trematerra, Junior

“A cup of tea.”


Gianna Picioccio, Junior

“A dragon.”


Nicole DowdyJunior

“Hmm…probably a bed.”


Alex Giarretta, Junior

“Jesus Herold Christ.”


Nico Argento, Junior

“Summon…I would summon a genie so I could get 3 wishes.”


Samantha Smutz, Senior

“(laughs) um…I don’t know, maybe like 20 bucks.”


So that was everyone I found this month who would answer my question.


What about you? If you could summon one thing right now, what would it be? Feel free to comment, and look out for the next question!