February Senior Captains Girls’ Golf


Janet Bell

February’s Seniors of the Month, Lenny Lenahan and Vicky Mines, lead Central’s golfers on the links.

Athena Veghte, Writer

I have had the pleasure of knowing his month’s “Senior of the Month” personally for a couple of years. Vicky has been a friend and a teammate since my freshman year and I am extremely proud that she has been chosen and recognized for her achievements. Vicky has been the captain of the girls golf team for four years. She is a great support system for all of us, especially when I first started. She played extremely careful attention to helping us to improve as well as always motivating us to be the best. She has great speaking skills and always gives great speeches at public events, like our banquets. She is also an active member of many of the Honor Societies at Central. She has been a member of the English honor society since sophomore year as well as the math honor society. Vicky holds the title of “Historian” in National Honor Society, which is an extremely esteemed title. She displays her great speaking skills in this position as well as her leadership.

Vicky also partakes in activities outside of school. She volunteers at her church, called New Beginnings where she does work with visuals. She sets up worship, play the messages and showcase the words of the church. She has also volunteered for the ShopRite LPGA Classic which shows her interest for golf. Vicky is an extremely hard worker and one of the most motivated people I know. She is committed to Fairleigh Dickinson University for college and I am extremely confident that she will excel there. I am very lucky to be able to call Vicky my friend and I am so proud of the achievements she has made.