The Teacher in 230

Justin Malabanan, Writer

 If you had Mrs. Wilfrid as a teacher in the past, you may be surprised to find a new teacher in her room. This year, Central Regional High School was fortunate enough to add a passionate and dedicated teacher; Ms. Levin, the new 11th grade English teacher, to the school’s staff. I asked her a few questions to learn more about her experience as a new teacher at Central.

Ms. Levin enjoys working with high school students. She finds that they offer a new perspective on certain things. She loves the school pride the students at Central display. However, like most teachers new to the school, the thing she finds a little frustrating is classroom management. She finds it difficult to enforce classroom rules especially since she’s younger and smaller than the other teachers. But don’t be fooled by this teacher’s appearance. Despite her size, she isn’t afraid to discipline any student displaying inappropriate behavior that disrupts the classroom environment.

In the future, Ms. Levin wants to make sure that her students are reading at home and hopes to increase literacy in the classroom. Next year, she plans to assign a project where students are given the opportunity to use a book of their choice.

Ms. Levin also shared with me what she hopes her students will take away from her class. She wants students to understand the importance of learning, that no one is capable of taking their education away from them. She encourages the students that seem to struggle in the classroom that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. If one of her students says, “I can’t”, Ms. Levin responds, “you can.” Ms. Levin is truly a determined and inspirational teacher willing to devote her time to make sure that her students have a bright future ahead of them.