An Unfunny April Fools

Madison Giovenco, Writer

Who knew April Fools pranks extended to sports. Well the Central Regional Lacrosse Team was unaware that the outcome of the first home game would be such a cruel prank that it would bring the team to a devastating score. April 1, 2019 was the first home game of the lacrosse season and every player on the team ran onto the field with hearts full of dedication and their blood rushing with adrenaline. The sun was shining on the bright green turf field as the first ball was thrown into the air. It was game time.

For the next twenty-five minutes all twelve girls on the field fought through exhaustion, pain, and anger to get that little yellow rubber ball from the opposing team. Every throw could lead to a goal for us, or against us. The call for half time came, and the entire team was getting ready for what seemed like a positive second half. In fact we were up by one point, the score was 4 to 3 with another twenty-five minutes left in the game. It was anyone’s game, the winner would be the one that had more intensity and desire, or as head coach Ciara Mastrodomenico said, “The winner would be whoever can stay the most composed.”

Everyone ran onto the field nervous, but pumped. It was time to execute the strategies practiced for the past month. The game had every parent and player on the edge of their seat. As Central scored one goal, Barnegat would come back and score another. Defense was getting tired, while offense was becoming frantic and selfish. Everything was falling apart, and Barnegat recognized that and took advantage of it. We push through the next 24 minutes. The score was now 7-7 with less than one minute left. It all came down to these last couple of seconds.

The whistle blew and it was Barnegat’s ball we needed to get it back. Number 3 on the opposing team had the ball and her short legs were able to outrun and out maneuver five of our defenders. She got passed everyone, set her arms up to shoot, the ref called a foul, and the final buzzer blasted through the air, before the ball left her stick. The ball went in, but the ref called no goal. This meant the game was put into sudden death. We were all on edge with the fear we would lose in the final overtime minutes, but at least we had hope to still come out with a victory. Both teams accepted their fate and set up ready to play until the winner was officially decided. All of a sudden the painful fate of April Fools kicked in and the referees took back their no goal call, which meant Central Regional Girls’Lacrosse team lost the game and the hope they were falsely given.

The final score was 8 to 7, with the Barnegat Tigers as victors. The hearts of the entire team including the coach were broken because all our effort was perceived as useless when you looked at the scoreboard. The painful thoughts of what ifs went through everyone’s minds. What if you had just changed one bad decision made during the game, could you have been the reason the team won or lost. Well the score can never be changed, but our determination to win a game continues to thrive inside the minds, hearts, and bodies of every varsity lacrosse player. Our day would come when the scoreboard reflects a score in our favor.