Visit Baxter State Forest, Maine

Rhyan Longo, Writer

Baxter State Forest is a state park in Maine. It is a beautiful park there is so much to do up there! For example you can hike, bike, canoe, kayak, camp, rent a cabin and so much more.

The highest point in the park is Mount Katahdin it is 5,269 feet tall. It is also the endpoint of the Appalachian Trail which starts in Georgia and goes all the way up to Maine. 

There are many mountains in the park, some more dangerous than others. Like Knives Edge, which leads to Mount Katahdin, is probably one of the most dangerous in the park. Knives Edge is so high up and has a very thin walkway. If you are walking in the middle of the stones you can see both sides of the edge and you do not want to be on that part of the mountain when it is raining.

I would recommend everyone to at least once to go visit this amazing beautiful park.