JROTC: Fun, and Life-Changing

Izabella Brodbeck, Writer

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JROTC, otherwise known as Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps is a  program of discipline, teamwork and an overall life changing program. There are so many opportunities in this military based program. It has given me courage and self esteem which are things that I used to lack. According to Sierra Lenetti, “This program is indeed a lot of fun and I’ve discovered new things that I’ve never done before. I would recommend this to all of my friends.”  This is by far one of the most agreeable statements I’ve heard. In JROTC, there are many ways to get involved, such as exhibition team, drill team, Raiders, and color guard. They are fun and easy ways to make friends, because JROTC is a family and they always love to get everyone involved. As for the spring, they were supposed to be going to France for the D day celebration, but due to terrorism that trip was unfortunately cancelled. In place of that trip, we are currently planning on exploring Virginia, as well as going to Nationals in Richmond, Virginia.

What are ‘Nationals’ you may be asking yourself? They are for drill competitions, which compose of hundreds of schools competing with their skills on the drill floor while being critiqued for every little mess up and mistake you make; but in contrast they are very rewarding, Central got a 3rd place trophy for our school, in a recent competition Granted there were seven other schools, but it is still rewarding hearing your name over the loudspeakers. Jacob Hessler seconds this saying “I enjoy the drill competitions the most, representing your school well always brings a smile to my face.” Which indeed does ring true. These competitions bring respect to the school and give Central Regional High School a good name.

JROTC also helps lay out the path of the cadets futures. Colonel Tier and Master Sergeant Grant always try to make the lives of the Cadets better. They help with college applications, scholarships, career ideas, and of course enlistment. Most young people only have the smallest idea of what they want to do in life, so it’s always beneficial to have help, which the SAI and AI are very willing to give. This program will help better the young minds of today, and tomorrow.