Artists at Work on Projects for Festival

Madison Grodzicki, Writer

It’s finally the time of year for the art students of Central Regional High School to begin getting ready for this year’s Teen Arts Festival. Teen Arts is an art festival that features all different forms of art anywhere from dance, theatre, and band to visual/graphic arts and many others, each in their own category. Then in the competition, each project is critiqued for excellence. If you score high enough you could then go to the state level. After the state level competition there is also the possibility of getting chosen for the national tour. Teen Arts also offers other opportunities such as workshops done by local artists, and the opportunity to see what other students from different school are doing.  This years Teen Arts is being held at Ocean County College during March. This year the 3D art students like myself are making totems for the festival. Even though all the students are making projects, not all will be taken to the festival. For 3D art, about only 5 are taken, and for visual arts, about 10-12. When choosing projects to take, Mrs. Cerami and the other art teachers are looking for projects that are creative, well done, and unique and if the project has a good message behind it.

A lot of students have just begun making their projects. And even though it’s only December, the projects are expected to take a long time to complete since most students are taking it seriously and putting a lot of effort into them. One student Natalie Fedak is making a totem based on the Aristocats, a classic Disney movies made in the 70’s. Natalie stated that the sketch of her totem was already very detailed, and she expects to add even more details in the process of making i.. Natalie also discussed how she does not view the upcoming months as a competition between everyone, but instead everyone has different goals there striving for, and she excited to see how they all turn out.

It’s going to be a very stressful but mostly exciting next few months.