Behind the Scenes of Drama Club

Ryanne McShaffrey, Writer

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Drama club is something that has been a part of Central Regional for many years and will be for many more to come. On the school website it states that the purpose of being involved in this group is, “To put on a fall production and teach students of the basic elements of theatre.” To someone looking in from the outside this description seems to get the job done, however without being directly involved in theatre at Central most do not know what really goes into these productions or the motives behind them. These students are seen up on stage but never behind the scenes so it is about time we take a look.

Many students make up the Drama or Theatre Club and staff members such as Ms. Moore make sure everything runs smoothly. I spoke to a fellow classmate, Bella Triollo, about what it is like practicing and performing and her overall view of the experience. She says that not only does someone learn how theatre works but it also involves dancing and singing and much more in order to prepare for the productions. She then proceeded to provide more details about how kids are cast and how they go about learning their parts.

             The students start by reading some dialogue of a part they hope to receive, sing part of a song, followed by some dancing if they choose to participate in the choreography, and things are tied up with call backs. After parts are announced they begin memorizing and preparing. There are a lot of rehearsals, running late most nights. Things are learned piece by piece until they are able to start at the beginning and make it to the end with no hiccups. Something that most might find surprising is something called tech week where they work on the technical side of productions. After all the work, the scripts, makeup, costumes that they put together themselves, and late nights it would take a lot out of someone but Bella reassures that people want you there.

Some personal parts of Drama that Bella shares is the reason why she sticks around. When she was asked what is her favorite part of performing she exclaims, “Dancing has always been my favorite part because I used to be a dancer!” She says that she has only been in one of the schools play and that was On The Town but Peter Pan is her favorite school production. In the end the one thing that Bella wanted to make clear and that is the kids who are in drama club are not your stereotypical flamboyant kids all the time, just people doing big things.  

Someone who also plays a big role in the drama club and music itself is Ms. Moore who is a teacher at Central Regional. Something that she strives to do is not only teach kids the basics of theatre but also bring it into the community and make it local so people will not have to travel great distances for a great show. Ms. Moore is the overseer of this club and something that she is thankful to see is how her students progress and grow over their high school years. She teaches chorus, piano lab, and AP music theory which all tie together with performing. Ms. Moore also brings attention to things that are forgotten like the time and effort in script, makeup, choreography, tickets, and publicity. They even have a choreographer for the dances but sometimes the students do some themselves. The Fall production is her favorite one of choice because she says it is more personal and, “they put it together themselves so it’s self tailored to who they are,” which is a beautiful way of expression. Ms. Moore states, “it’s a big commitment,” which can not be doubted after hearing the process of performing and what they do to entertain many.

The drama club is something that Central is lucky to have, people who find joy in putting in the work and that should not be hidden behind a curtain. A lot goes into these productions but every single thing is necessary for a great show and just to think this is only a sneak peak into the world of theatre and drama.