New Guard Squad Add Spinning Flags and Choreography to Winter Activities

Zophia Krause, Writer

In new events within Central Regional High School, we have a Winter Guard! After tried and failed attempts, many excited color guard members of the marching band came together to continue their season as a winter guard team. From twirling flags to spinning rifles, students both new and experienced are working hard for the upcoming season.

The team is led by Michelle Sexton, also the color guard coach during the fall season. Of the few practices they have had, Sexton says that she feels very confident about the group’s future based on their progress. “My goals for them are to learn new skills and just have fun,” She states. So far, it seems they have been doing just that. In a couple practices, they have learned jazz running along with multiple kinds of flag spins and tosses. The team seems to be picking their skills up fairly quickly.

They will soon be learning choreography and flag work to “Human” by Christina Perry. As a novice group, they hope to have the opportunity to compete in three competitions this winter.

I spoke to some of the current members and asked what made them join the team. Senior, Alexa Scott said that it was because she did it her freshman and sophomore year and wanted to continue. Freshman, Adelyn Garcia mentioned the fact that she had played an instrument during the marching band season and wanted to try something new. All of the members seem very proud of the group as a whole and cannot wait for the season to come.