Bowler Makes Predictions for Bowling Season

Ally Dalton, Writer

The Golden Eagles are back for another bowling season at Ocean Lanes.  The teams will both be bowling 18 matches in their division, each match with 3 games for a total of 54 games in Shore Conference South A. The Golden Eagles are going to 5 team tournaments and our bowlers will be attending individual tournaments representing the school.

Five matches into the season and the boys have a record of 1-14 with an average pin count of 757 pins per game.  The girls have a current record of 6-9 with an average pin count of 735 pins per game. With the season continuing into February, there’s a lot of time to do some damage in South A.

Our boys varsity team has Anthony Rosas with a 151 average as leadoff, then AJ Snider (140) as second man, Gordon DiCorniso (123) bowling third, the setup is Joseph Swanton with a 147 average, and the anchor, and captain, for the boys team is senior Josh Costa with a 200 average.

The boys are coached by Ron Donnerstag. When asked about the future of the team this season, Captain Josh Costa says, “I look forward to improving with the team, I have high hopes in the improvement of our team and I look forward to individuals tournaments, I have high expectations for myself [this season]. I’m just trying to relax and knock down some pins, really.” In an extremely competitive division, I was curious to finding out who was the boys biggest competition for the 2018-2019 season.  “I couldn’t answer that because I don’t look at the teams we play I just look at- we have a goal for each match and we’re just there to accomplish that goal, it doesn’t matter who we play,” says Costa.

Our girls varsity team has Julie Dalton (127) as leadoff, Kayla Kulzy (123) bowling second, three-time varsity Meghan Bilello (151) as third man, the setup is also a three-time varsity bowler Madison McFadden (171), and as anchor and captain for the bowling team, Ally Dalton with a 175 average. They are coached by Erin Leonard and this is her 7th season coaching the girls bowling team at Central. And how would she describe her 2018-2019 team? “I’m so very fortunate to coach such an amazing group of young ladies.  I value each of their unique personalities and I am proud of all of their other extra curricular involvement as well as their ability to maintain high academic success. I appreciate my team’s ability to get along with the other bowlers we face and demonstrate good sportsmanship though wins and loses.” Coach says that this season the team to beat is Toms River North meanwhile A South ends up being the top in the state and while they are a major competitor they have “a lot of fun combined with incredible competition” when they bowl North. Coach Leonard has a lot of hope in the girls when she says, “This year I expect our three Varsity returning players to lead our team and help us be competitive in all of our matches.  I expect to have several qualifiers for the shore conference tournament and hope to qualify as a team by being .500 by the cut off date.” Coach is planning on working on providing individualized support and strategy for the girls when possible, many corner shots, and making sure her girls know that she’s “behind them through good days and bad.” Coach is looking forward to a lot this season and is excited to see what the future holds for this team. Coach Leonard closes the interview with great optimism, “I’m always excited to see how the team grows and develops throughout the season. Due to bowling being a sport based on statistics examining the growth and improvement that takes place is always something to look forward to.  I’m excited to see if my expectations for the team and individual bowlers are met. I believe that our three returning players (Ally, Maddie and Meghan) are all capable of great things and each days bring opportunities for individual and team accomplishments.”

My predictions for the season are as follows.  Josh Costa will go to individual states and Shore Conference Individuals to represent Central Regional and finish his senior season strong.  If they boys manage to all pull it together for a few matches, they will take some games away from the blue-chippers of A South. I’m predicting that each average will go up by at least 5 pins as practice continues throughout the season.  For the girls, I’m expecting averages to grow by at least 10 pins. Meghan Bilello, Madison McFadden, and Ally Dalton will go to the Shore Conference Individual tournament to represent Central. While at Sectionals, they all have potential to qualify for  Individual and Team states if they figure out the lanes quickly enough. I predict many more days like this past Friday, with varsity on their game, the girls will become powerful and take more wins this season. Good luck to all the bowlers.