Steady Swimmers Bring High Expectations

Bryan Carlson, Writer

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Swim practice for all swimmers began on November 11th. Practices are held at the Ocean County YMCA in Toms River. For 5 days a week, the team gets in an hour and a half of practice. Both the boys and girls swim at the same time, and share about 4 lanes all together.

The reason for only 4 lanes is due to the amount of schools that need to practice at the Y everyday, and the 6 lane pool at the Y closing for more gym space. Now, a twelve lane pool is set to be home to Ocean County YMCA’s club swim team, and high school swim teams such as all three Toms River High Schools, Donovan Catholic, Lacey, Manchester, and Central. When asked how this would affect the Swimming Golden Eagles, senior Adam Primost said, “it stinks we have to sacrifice lanes and pool time this year, compared to previous years when we had more space and an ability for a better workout. This just shows when we get in the pool, we have to make sure as a team we get in a workout to the fullest extent, and we push ourselves to the limit after each set. This will truly test us as a swim team.”

Both sides are experiencing heavy losses, as the 2018 senior class provided both girls’ and boys’ teams with strength and depth. Last season, both the boys and girls had a record of 6-5 out of the 11 meets we swam, which is respectful, as an even heavier 2017 senior class was even larger and more talented. But it is all apart of the cycle. Seniors aren’t supposed to hang around, so this year, season predictions record wise are about the same as last year, roughly 5-6 or 6-5 on both sides. There is a tough schedule ahead, as Central is scheduled to swim powerhouses such as TR North, TR South, and Howell. Just goes to show the swimmers need to leave it all on the line every race!

For the boys, there is only one senior, four time varsity swimmer Adam Primost. He makes up for their only being one senior, as Adam is a sure first place swimmer in almost every event, against anyone. He is committed to furthering his swimming career at NJIT in the fall of 2019. As the junior class goes, there is an abundance, myself included, who produce steady numbers meet in and meet out. Bryan Bodnarchuk is a junior who is similar to Adam, a sure first place finisher in nearly every event. I compete in the butterfly, as that has been my main stroke for awhile, and I usually go all out and contend for first or second everytime in that event. Nick Petrecca, another junior, is the boys’ distance guy, swimming the 200 and 500 freestyle every meet. Captains for the boys for the 2018-2019 season are; Adam Primost, Nick Petrecca, Jake Haug, and myself.

On the girls side, Karleigh Stout leads the girls as the ace on the team. Only a junior, the sky’s the limit for her in the future athletically. Unlike the boys, the girls have a fairly deep senior class, including long time swimmers; Hazel Morrissey, Olivia Alto, Alize Busic, Mikayla Demarco, and others. Other than junior phenom Karleigh Stout, the juniors have great swimmers including Kelsey Corbett, Ryanne McShaffrey, Emma Gumbrecht and others. There are also a lot of sophomore and freshman girls, and it will be great to see how they develop over the season, as they get more endured and conditioned to compete at the high school level. Coach Mrs. Stout will be thrilled to see how everyone comes along as the season moves forward. Captains for the girls are Karleigh Stout, Olivia Alto, and Mikayla Demarco,

As much as swim is a team sport, it is very well a strong individual sport. Almost all swimmers on both sides, both girls and boys, have high individual goals. Again, I had the pleasure to speak to both Adam Primost and Karleigh Stout if they had any individual goals they would like to accomplish. After asking Adam, he told me, “overall I want to get down all of my times if possible, but if I could pick one it would have to be in the 500 freestyle. I want to break Mr. Stout’s record which is a 4:54, and swim a 4:53 or lower. I am within reach of swimming that, and look forward to getting the opportunity to put my speed to the test.” Karleigh Stout, like Adam, is also motivated to get her 500 freestyle time down. “This season I would like to break the 500 free record, which is a 5:21, and currently I swim it in a 5:25. Another time I would like to break is my time of 2:02 in the 200 freestyle.

Central Regional Boys’ and Girls’ swim teams are expected to perform at their highest capability every meet this season. Along with doing well in the water, swim is about how you carry yourself in and out of the pool, and how you care and look after your fellow swimmers. The next meet for both boys and girls is Wednesday, December 19th against Brick Township. Central will look for their first win of the season at this meet, and if all pieces perform and show out, a win can certainly be earned.