Applebee’s – It’s Enjoyable for Everyone

Brooklyn Guarascio, Writer

Why is Applebee’s such a hot spot for teenagers?

After football games, school dances and other events, you will find Applebee’s crowded with kids. Maybe it’s because of “half apps”; cheap prices of appetizers after a certain time. This occurs on weekdays after 9 pm and after 10 pm on the weekends. The service is fast and the food is good for a cheap price. The Lacey location is easy to get to from Central, but the one in Toms River is also very crowded with teenagers because it is connected to the mall.

Or maybe Applebee’s is just a hotspot because it is known by students for eating out after school events, so people may just go to fit in with this crowd. Other than this, it is always a great place to go for family outings or hangouts other than school related activities.

There is a happy hour from 3 to 6 pm for adults, allowing everyone of all ages to enjoy this restaurant. The overall atmosphere and variety of appetizers, dinners, and desserts makes Applebee’s a hot spot for teenagers and is a great place to eat after school events.

When asking my friends, and a few strangers about their favorite part of Applebee’s, I got a variety of answers.

A waiter currently working there said, “I like to work here because of the energy a lot of people bring in and because people are all coming from different places.” I found this interesting because it’s true; when you look around, you do not know the story of other people’s lives and you never know where they have come from previously. Furthermore, whenever my friends ask me to go out to eat at Applebee’s, they always ask to go later in the night because of half-apps.

Like I said before, it is a very cheap and easy restaurant to go to, so many people like to go just for this reason. Adults and teenagers basically have the same views on Applebee’s from what I have been told because it’s enjoyable for everyone. Overall, I recommend Applebee’s for its familiarity and the fast, easy and delicious food.