Three Track & Field Athletes Make the Meet of Champions


Boys’ and Girls Track & Field competed at the NJ Meet of Champions over the March 5 weekend.

For the girls, senior Ava Srinivasan, placed 21st overall in the triple jump.*

Fellow triple jumper Christin Rowe ended up 17th.

Joe Ricci finished out his season placing 11th overall in the 55m hurdles.

This was the first time all 3 made the Meet of Champions, which is the state-level meet hosting the top athletes in NJ.

*According to World Athletics (, the triple jump is:

One of the two horizontal jump events on the track and field programme, competitors sprint along a runway before taking off from a wooden board. The take-off foot absorbs the first landing, the hop. The next phase, the step, is finished on the opposite foot and then followed by a jump into a sandpit. The distance travelled, from the edge of the board to the closest indentation in the sand to it, is then measured.