The Freshman Baseball Team’s Victory Against Lacey

Sophia Caputo

Spring has sprung so not only are the flowers out to play, but Central’s baseball teams are as well. On April 8th, the Freshman baseball team played their first scrimmage against Wall Township. During this scrimmage the team fell short of even scoring one run. It was an eye opener, and the same question must have appeared in everyone’s head: What will the rest of the season look like? 

Clearly, the Freshman team and their Coach, Mr. Hummer, took this loss seriously and with motivation. The team had their second scrimmage on Saturday, April 10th. It was at home against Lacey Township rivals. Unlike the first scrimmage, the boys scored plenty of runs this time around. This led them to a win of 13 to 1 against Lacey. Our team played marvelously both out in the field and when batting. Each time one of the players stepped up to the plate there was a double, triple, RBI, and more! As the score continued to go up, excitement for the rest of the season did as well. Expectations are high now, as this win could be a leeway to a successful season for the Freshman Baseball Team.